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Solar Power Solutions

With the price of conventional AC power climbing, why wait to invest in the ultimate renewable green energy solution?

Solar technology is getting more efficient everyday and with manufacturing costs are falling, now is the ideal time to consider solar installations. Tenesis is a premier integrator/installer of solar energy solutions, offering aesthetically pleasing large area, thin film silicon PV modules in all sizes large and small. We provide our customers with flexible options to fit everything from integrated building solar and freestanding rooftop systems to parking decks to and larger solar farm installations.

Providing the high efficiency amorphous silicon thin film technology on large area glass substrate, Tenesis solar installations provide superior performance in high-temperature environments and with diffused lighting with less degradation in output over the life of the system.

Solar Power Solutions

Solar power installation benefits:

  • Average solar installations pay for themselves in less than 10 years by offsetting your monthly electrical bill.
  • The investment you make in solar generated energy will help shield you from the ever-inflating costs of electricity.
  • If AC power is one of your company’s largest expenses, solar power installations are an ideal investment.
  • Solar installations offer performance reliability and lower operational and maintenance costs
  • Grid-tied and net-metered systems ensure that your local utility company purchases your company’s net excess power generation.

Discover how your company can free itself from rising utility rates. Call us today for a free solar power evaluation. For a free energy audit please contact us today!