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LED Retrofit Lighting

What part of this $35 billion is yours?

Each year, LED lighting solutions are saving an estimated $35 billion 'in the US. Once a novelty, light emitting diode (LED) technologies are now one of the fastest growing lighting solutions available. Found in commercial, municipal and industrial application from office buildings and shopping malls to airports and traffic signs, they deliver rich, colorful and long-lasting performance from the most energy efficient technology.

Tenesis supplies LED solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing lighting fixtures to offer the perfect retrofit savings up to 80% with the maximum energy savings and increased lighting quality.

LED Retrofit Lighting

The benefits of LEDs are clear

  • Delivers up to 100,000 hours of life and less than 20% light loss over total life.
  • Produces significantly more light with less wattage than any other lighting option.
  • The most energy efficient form of illumination available compared to fluorescent, MH/HPS, halogen and incandescent.
  • Produces less than 30% of the heat of fluorescent lights, reducing HVAC demand costs and significantly reduces annual carbon dioxide footprint.
  • Can be color matched to any light spectrum within 100K (1200 – 8000 Kelvin).
  • Ideal for any environment; LED products are fully dimmable, health-grade rated, shatterproof, have zero UV ray emissions, no hazardous materials, and are fully recyclable. MET Certified, CE/UL Listed, RoHS certified, meet all LM-79 Requirements.

Call us today to for a demonstration of our innovative LED technology solutions. For a free energy audit please contact us today!